I'm Emily, the founder and owner of Embellish Interior Design. I'm not going to start by saying that being an interior designer is all I've ever wanted to be since I was a little girl because that's not the case and let's face it quite cliche! I actually started to develop a passion for homeware and interior design later on in life. Probably influenced by purchasing my own home and realising that I loved spending hours in home stores picking out furniture and decor to make my house a home by putting my own stamp on it. 

I have had a varied career, working in finance, teaching and hospitality as well as broadening my horizons by travelling the world picking up design inspiration along the way. Finally after years of contemplation I decided to turn my passion into my career and set up Embellish Interior Design. 

At Embellish Interior Design we specialise in helping homeowners who are looking to sell their property. We take a look at your home from a buyers perspective to advise you on what changes could be made to increase the property's appeal and in turn sell the property in a shorter period of time for a higher amount. We can be as involved as you would like in this process and we have flexible packages and price plans to suit everyone. We also offer room re-design, home staging and decluttering services. Please take a look at the 'Services we offer' page for more information.

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