ARE you looking to sell your property?

WOuld you like toachieve the maximum price? 

Would you like to sell in the shortest amount of time?

Of course you would!



read on to find out how we can make that happen!

Our 'selling your property' package is an efficient and affordable way to maximise the value of your home. The fee for this service is absorbed by the financial gain you can achieve in your sale price by implementing the changes we recommend. Meaning that this service actually pays for itself!
The package includes the following:

01 - Assessing the property

We will visit your home to assess the property from a potential buyers perspective -

What type of buyer would be interested in your property? What will they place importance on? What will they expect to find in a property like yours?

02-Identifying areas for improvement

Having assessed the property we can pinpoint specific areas which could benefit from improvement or adjustment. Is your property a family home? Does your buyer have a child's bedroom on their wishlist rather than an office space? Would it be more beneficial to present certain rooms in a different way? Could your home benefit from our decluttering service to give buyers a clearer idea of space available?

03 - Action plan

We will then provide you with an action plan documenting the changes needed to present your property in the best way possible in order to attract a potential buyer. This can include suggesting items to dress and stage the property suitably to appeal to the right buyer. 

You can choose to implement the recommended changes on your own or I can demonstrate how to present your property for your first viewing and then going forward you can replicate this for further viewings, if you don't sell first time that is! 

Prices for this package vary depending on the property value. Please contact us for more details.

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